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Why choose Media Blasting. Media blasting is a fast form of cleaning that can remove paint coatings, fillers and corrosion (rust). Media abrasive blasting involves propelling abrasive agents using compressed air to clean paint coating, smoke damage, painted signs, ageing of timber beams, brick, stone and metalwork. Abrasive blasting is a method used to refurbish the inside or outside of properties. We mainly use wet blasting techniques of crushed glass from recycled glass bottles. Crushed glass media is non-toxic and can be disposed of with our regular home waste. This kind of Crushed Glass media blasting is similar to Soda blasting, the differences are where crushed glass leaves the surface slightly rough. Soda blasting leaves the surface smooth. 

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Our Commercial & Domestic Cleaners specialise in the restoration of materials - Brick, Stone, Wood, Masonry, Metals using a mobile quill falcon cyclone 60 Trailer 

  • Paint removal on Brickwork

  • Paint removal from Wood {Wooden Beams)

  • Paint removal from Stonework

  • Paint removal from Metal Structures

  • Graffiti removal from Brick, Stone, Wood, Masonry, Metal

  • Thermoplastic paint removal (street lines, signs)

  • Powder coating and plastisol removal

  • Concrete etching and metal reinforcement for inspection

  • Automotive restoration of Alloy wheels, vehicle bodywork, chassis



Our Quill Falcon Cyclone 60 Trailer mobile wet blasting machine consists of a 115 litre water tank, plus a 90cfm or 140cfm compressor. As it is a self-contained unit, it reduces on-site hold-ups and aids cost-effective and time-efficient dustless blasting.

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